Electronic Services

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) Cards *

Having the access you need to your money when you need it very important to you. Now you can have that access 24/7 with a IHCU ATM Card. Iowa Heartland Credit Union has (1) ATM located at our main office (north side of the building). There are no fees for our card holders using our machine. We allow 10 free transactions per month at other ATMs. For every transaction over the free 10 per month, there is a $1 ATM charge.

Debit Cards *

Our card is called the Iowa Heartland Debit Card. With a debit card you pay for your transaction like you would with a check. When you use it as a debit, a deduction is made to your checking account. Our debit cards display the MasterCard Logo and they are accepted by merchants that display the MasterCard Logo. Please ask before you use your card as some merchants may not accept debit cards. You will be able to set your own Personal Identification Number, which allows you to use your debit card as an ATM card to receive cash back.

Privileged Status ATM

Surcharging is now allowed in all 50 United States. Owners of ATM machines are allowed to charge non customers a surcharge for using their ATM Machines. This is in addition to any ATM fee that may be charged for a transaction. In order for our members to avoid the additional charge Iowa Heartland has joined a network (through Shazam) called PRIVILEGED STATUS. Customers (members) of participating Privileged Status financial instructions can use the ATM's of other participating Privileged Status financial institutions without paying any surcharge fees. To find an ATM with Privileged Status nearest you simply click the PRIVILEGED STATUS icon to the right and look for a location that offers PRIVILEGED STATUS.

Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

With direct deposit you can have Social Security, Pension, Retirement, or any other recurring deposit made directly to your savings or checking account. If available through your employer, payroll deduction can also be sent electronically to your checking or savings accounts.

Bill Payer Service

This electronic service allows you to make periodic payments or deposits to other financial institutions or businesses.

Mobiliti ™

Mobile Banking option from Iowa Heartland Credit Union.

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