Serving Our Members Since 1932

Iowa Heartland Credit Union

Iowa Heartland Credit Union was formed in 1932 as the Decker & Sons Credit Union, with the Decker Meat Packing Plant as its sole sponsor. Although Decker & Sons sold to Armour in 1936, the credit union remained Deckers until the mid 70's. It was Armour Employees for a short time. In 1974-75 the Armour Plant closed in Mason City. At that time the Credit Union had to look for another sponsor company, merge with another Credit Union, or close its doors. The NIAD Manufacturers group, a political group for area manufacturers had just formed its organization and an agreement was made to become the sponsor for the credit union. We became the Armour-NIAD Manufacturers Employees Credit Union. Through the NIAD Manufacturers Group, the Credit Union was able to bring in over 150 small employee group companies and offer membership to their employees. In an effort to attract more credit union membership, the board and the members at a special meeting in September 2002 voted to apply for a Community Charter and a Name Change. October 1, 2002 the Iowa Credit Union Division approved the name change to Iowa Heartland Credit Union and the charter to a Community or geographical charter.

Service With A Smile

Iowa Heartland is a not-for-profit financial co-operative that offers many of the same services as banks or other savings and loan institutions. The unique difference is that we are member owned and controlled. Meeting the financial needs of North Iowa's Heartland is our goal at Iowa Heartland Credit Union. Our friendly staff is always ready to answer or direct your questions to the person that can help you the in the most convenient manner.

Due to COVID-19, for the safety of our members and staff, our lobby will remain closed until further notice.Click for Details